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Together with other building industry partners, we bring projects to life by merging Function, Form and Regulatory Requirements into a precisely-tuned Product.

For us, each Project means New Design Opportunities, Interaction with Fascinating Clients, turning Creativity into Reality and having fun doing it.

This is why buildings designed by us are special: Pre-Schools have character, Retrofits are Charming, and Commercial Work has Image.

When you work with us, your Property Value will Increase, you will realize Positive Results, you will Increase Marketability of the Design Product, and most of all, you will Feel Great about your New Building.


Professionalism. Science. Art.

Do you want to save up to 80% on energy costs?

Learn more about our Sustainable System for Green Architecture!

Pre-School Design

We have designed a good number of Pre-Schools, of various types and guided our Clients through the Process successfully. Completed projects are functional, designed in bright colors, and provide a space that children and teachers can enjoy. We also design functional and fun playgrounds for kids that are set in simple but pretty landscaping. We enjoy designing these fun spaces very much, and love that we are helping to create a great Pre-School experience for children.

Adaptive Reuse

Adaptive Reuse projects include Adaptations of Commercial Buildings to New Uses, and Tenant Improvements. They are often a bit more complex than New Construction. When considering such project type, not only new area under consideration but also surrounding areas, whether building, landscaping, other improvements or neighbors need to become part of the overall approach. To begin with the Project, careful study of existing condition is necessary to be able to tie new and existing together into a well functioning design product.

Green Architecture

Green Architecture is a design for projects that are constructed using  recyclable and sustainable materials, with the goal of conserving resources and energy. Our rational approach to Green Architecture, sustainability, and conservation of resources has led us to develop a unique, sustainable system using Rice Straw Bales and Recycled Steel. Our system reduces the cost of construction, reduces the time needed for construction, reduces the need for Air Conditioning, and provides superior resistance to seismic activity, fire, rot, and insects than conventional wood-frame construction. This type of construction is applicable to both urban and rural areas, as well as to almost any type of building. Green Architecture is an environmentally-responsible choice that will also save you time and money.

Working with Marek was a delightful and straightforward experience. It seemed like being in school and learning a lot about design principles, styles and how to look at the solutions as various alternatives with the patient teacher. What impressed me also his ability to draw in 3D using his thin marker or soft pencil to show me immediately what I was thinking about, what his solutions to space would be or how the building would interact in the neighborhood. To make it more fun he would than give some shadow smudge on the sketch making it almost alive in black and white.


Many contractors, who like working on his designs, follow him, helping his clients with budgets right at the time of first sketches. This approach grounds everything and makes it real.

Considering it all, I started with the building that had three staircases, very poor function, pile of rotten studs in various locations….what he did with all of it was a magic, transforming my investment into a great looking building, functioning interior with one simple stair, no hallways, my budget was met and construction finished on time.

Most of all what worked out for me was the investment that blossomed after the work completion.

Thank you Marek for the work well done. You have not only done a beautiful design for me but you have increased my investment many fold.

Vivian Zhang

What was it like working with Marek Stoklosa, Architect?

While never losing sight of what had to fundamentally make good business sense we managed to have a lot of fun doing the near impossible. I was faced with the daunting prospects of dealing with a HUD funded and consequently HUD regulated project. The perfect ingredients for a nightmare-of-a-project in the best of circumstances.


Knowing this lay in front of us, we decided to “color way outside the box” and have some fun. Our plan was to build housing for people with disabilities using straw bale construction. Our very first phone call to HUD we were told “HUD never has nor will it ever build straw bale construction.” They threw us out the front door and we came back through the “kitchen” door to be even more convincing. In the end we did something that nobody had done before. We were successful because we were able to convince otherwise un-convincible people to work with us. Certainly it was a tremendous amount of very hard work. Never the less we managed to enjoy the process as we went along. Extraordinary creativity, an unflappably polite countenance along with a never-say-die-attitude got us through.

Born and educated in Poland. Professional work experience in Italy, Canada and the United States. He brings a lot to the table. Pre-Schools, Hi-Tech, Churches, Custom Homes…just to start, together with Rice Straw Bales and Steel makes things really different what one sees everyday. Now in the San Francisco Bay area he has become one of the go-to-guys in the Chinese community for extraordinary Feng Shuei design.

In addition to the HUD funded project, I was on the board of directors for another non-profit agency that hired Marek to build their new office building. My wife and I hired him to do an extensive remodel on our house. By now I trust him and
his instincts implicitly.

Gordon Burkhart-Schultz·
Executive Director, retired – AID Employment, a not-for-profit agency.

The Plans are beautiful!!
The Exterior renderings are so exciting….Thank you For your great work.

Laura Jarman

About Mark Stoklosa Architect, Inc

We set up Architectural Design Practice in 1982, inspired to design our own projects, provide unique services to Clients and step out from the proverbial box. Since then, a lot of different projects have been built based on our designs. There have been only a few building types we have not had a chance to design! Our projects have been built all over North America, and we are proud to say that our clients have remained either our friends, repeat clients, or both.

Our practice is located in San Jose/Santana Row community in California; the center of the Silicon Valley, where the “world begins”. Our office building is unique, like an oasis within this major urban area. Despite our proximity to major highways and the San Jose Airport, our office is a sanctuary of peace, where you can recharge by the koi pond and find reflection in the shimmer of a bamboo forest – where we can conduct our meeting away from the noisy city life.

Some of our clients call our office the “Boutique Architecture Practice,” where it is fun to hang out, learn new things, become part of a creative process, watch designs evolve, and experience this exciting work.

How to Hire an Architect?

Nothing is more exciting than creating a new project for your business or personal life, and nothing will affect the success of your project more than the right architect. The architect determines the design and function of a space or building as well as facilitates co-operation between Clients and Building Industry Stake Holders that can help in undestanding Construction Costs and Building Life Cycles to better plan financial aspects of the construction process.

You may be wondering: how do I find the right architect?

Finding your perfect match in an architect is not impossible and we’ll show you eight points to guide you along the way. Use these points to help analyze the personality, design strategy and communication skills of your candidates. Click the button to learn more and to download your free guide on How to Hire An Architect.


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