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Welcome to our “Boutique Architecture Studio”

Some of Our Clients call our Practice a “Boutique Architecture Studio”. This is because they receive best quality Service and Design.

Many of you are already preferred clients in this exciting place….welcome back! If you are new to our world, then partaking in the “Boutique Architecture” will be like a journey, during which we will create cool looking and charming buildings. We have a lot to offer here: you will discover what is important in a project, learn about dry regulatory restrictions, appreciate site configuration, sun orientation, trees, and more – all while incorporating these elements into designs to create buildings tailored to your needs. Not only will these creations feel great, they will also add tremendous value to your investment. Not bad, right out of the gate…

So what happens in the “Boutique Architecture”? Well, an excitement of being part of this Creative Process, while unique environment is shaped just for you. The environment that feels right, that fulfills your desires, dreams and confirms your way of life, one of a kind. All this will not happen at once but in parts accumulating to a finale that works. So are you ready to walk in?

Why Choose Us?

  • Integrated Project Delivery: Project delivery System that includes input from Owner, Architect, Engineers, Contractors, Real Estate Professionals, City Agencies, etc. during all phases of the project process. Mark Stoklosa Architect, Inc. incorporates IPD System on all projects, whether small or large.
  • Our client’s needs are of the utmost importance to us. We understand that the home expansion for one client is as important as a multi-story commercial building for another client.
  • Extensive knowledge of Construction Industry and Building Codes.
  • Use of advanced technology and up-to-date BIM-Building Information Modeling technology and 3D visualization.
  • Multilingual ability.
  • Extensive Knowledge of Regional Requirements, Styles, Building Practices, History and Jurisdictional Requirements.
  • Publications and Speaking Engagements at National and International Conferences.
  • Professionalism + Science+ Art: creating well-balanced Architecture as a product for the client AND as an asset for the community.
  • Award-winning Architect.

Our Service

Designing is like a hobby for me. It is fortunate to love my work, that is why when I go to my Office, it is not a chore but exciting time everyday. I love to draw and sketch, however I deliver Projects in a digital form as BIM Models with loads of information. That way Contractors can build these creations with much better understanding.

To be creative an Architect must be able to draw in three dimensions, to express visions/ideas for Clients, often on “the fly”. A computer will not make any person creative Architect. But an Architect who can visualize in 3D on paper is creative. Most of the time I sketch my initial concepts using pen and ink or 4B pencil. Than once I am satisfied with the concept I scan the sketch into my Mac and model these creations using latest edition of BIM (Building Information Modeling) software. From this point on project concept gets developped into final construction documents. Sometimes, or I should say more often in recent days, my initial sketching happens on the “screen”, producing amazing results. This path makes things happen faster,from schematics through Construction Documentation.

Other tasks associated with running Architectural Practice take place on the same machine where all the communication, job files and record keeping is gathered together. This includes drawing files in a well defined and organized folders. These files are easily accessible. A good back up system for the digital information in this digital age is our firm’s main stay.

Office Technology

We are enthusiasts of the newest technologies, which assist us in performing design work accurately and more realistically, and also allows us to document almost all aspects of a building. And yes – my kids, like yours, can fix anything technology-wise.

Our office policy is to upgrade software on a yearly basis in order to serve our clients more efficiently and to keep up with the latest improvements.

Project Delivery – BIM, 3D modeling software:

  • Vectorworks Architect with Renderworks
  • ArchiCAD


  • Apple, Mac

Other Resources:

  • Word/Excel/Power Point
  • Pages/Keynotes/Numbers


  • Wide Format Printer / Scanner
  • Small Format Printers / Scanners
  • D-size Plotter

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