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Working with Mark Stoklosa Architect, Inc

We set up Architectural Design Practice in 1982, inspired to design our own projects, provide unique services to clients and step out from the proverbial box. Since then, a lot of different projects have been built based on our designs. There have been only a few building types we have not had a chance to design! Our projects have been built in many areas of  North America, and we are proud to say that our clients have remained either our friends, repeat clients, or both.

Our practice is located in San Jose/Santana Row community in California; the center of the Silicon Valley, where the “world begins”. Our office building is unique, like an oasis within this major urban area. Despite our proximity to major highways and the San Jose Airport, our office is a sanctuary of peace, where you can recharge by the koi pond and find reflection in the shimmer of a bamboo forest – where we can conduct our meeting away from the noisy city life.

Some of our clients call our office the “Boutique Architecture Practice,” where it is fun to hang out, learn new things, become part of a creative process, watch designs evolve, and experience this exciting work.

We understand that engaging an Architect might be a big step because there are so many questions, so many ideas, so many perceptions and financial decisions… most of all meeting and working with this unknown professional. Think about it – isn’t it somewhat similar to a feeling before you asked (or were asked by) this special person for a date? No need to stress out – as my grandmother once said: “all will work out.” So hiring an Architect is sort of like dating! You may be thinking, “is this a professional Architect’s page?” Yes, of course! Metaphors and analogies in language are synonymous with creativity in design. We are unique, different, and creative – designing buildings that add value to your property – and we believe that is something that you really look for. The journey together is like everything in life: beginning with this initial meeting, a first date, than subsequent dates, with some unexpected fantastic surprises, alternate design solutions, until our relationship is solid and produces a charming building with character that reflects your personality.

Our Design Philosophy includes:

  • Site defines the Building.
  • Function and its Form interact as one.
  • Existing Context is important.
  • Reasonable Sustainability makes sense.
  • Building Codes define safety.
  • Good Communication keeps Projects on track.
  • Client’s Program is the Essence of a Project .

We stand by our Design Philosophy and our motto: “The Client and Client’s needs are of utmost importance to us.” We hope the above gives you the confidence to consider contacting us about your project.

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Defining Our Design Philosophy

What does “Contemporary-Modern-Sustainable Architecture” mean?

Well, it is a direction that we at Mark Stoklosa Architect, Inc. have taken in our work, as well as what defines us… both as architects and as people.

Contemporary: can mean everything that takes place now and is associated with the world around us. This also derives its inspiration from life as we know it. Contemporary Design responds to the needs of a contemporary person whose living, working and recreation activities define this design. In the same breath we can talk about new design and adaptive reuse such as adaptation of buildings to new uses, etc, etc. It has probably very little to do with the style but may have an impact on it. To what degree you may ask? Well, it depends on the Context, Program and the Site.

Modern: means the specific style, but does it? It does not necessarily mean “clean lines” simple, “glass and steel box” that can be beautiful to some and displeasing to others, but also something that uses modern methodology with its roots in the past. Some of our piers may say “sacrilege”! but for our Clients this way of thinking means a lot. Their programmatic passions, expectations and wants can be translated to something that fits perfectly… that makes them feel right, while being in the space shaped just for them. It is an incredible experience. We can say that we, together with our Clients, do create Prototypes every time we design a new building. One of a kind.

Sustainable: to many, this is a buzzword heard on the news, movies and conversations. To some it is a “religion”. To us. it is a way to be responsible and sensitive to our precious resources while shaping the world around us. Such thinking inspired us to create a sustainable system for buildings using Rice Straw Bales and Recycled Steel. We did that in 1995, way before the word “Sustainable” became popular or to some fashionable. Looking for solutions that work and conserve energy, in a rational way, without the need to legislate them, is a good approach. Same time such approach allows for the incredible design possibilities. Our idea works, and we do not need to “stretch” the information to call it Sustainable.