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The County of Alameda, California – Green Point Rating System


Recently we have been designing a Home Expansion for wonderful Clients.  The project is really super simple, functional and with a feel to live there.  I could go over and over the ambiance and the site location on the Golf Course… but that is for another post, when  the Construction is completed.

At this point it is probably important to inform the Public and those who potentially plan to build new or remodel or add to the existing residence within the Alameda County Boundaries about an additional requirement that may have impact on plan approval timeline or entire Building Permit process.

Years ago when we did work within that Jurisdiction the rules were reasonable and one could say simple.  Now the State of California poses all sorts of rules on the communities particularly with the 2020 drive for energy and resource conservation.   As it is a good thing to conserve and make buildings energy efficient, sometimes a new regulation may be perceived as cumbersome or a proverbial pain.   There is no worry to all that.   To make the story short when working in the Alameda County please make sure you have a Green Point Rating Checklist part of the Plans and the submittal package for approvals in addition to the Cal Green mandatory forms.

Some of you may ask: what is that?   Well not to be too complex in description, Cal Green is a California Green Code in Addition to the California Building Code series.   The Code has neatly organized sections describing requirements for Residential and Commercial Buildings.

Some Jurisdictions require additional forms and data regarding use of recycled materials, type of fenestration, insulation, site landscaping measures, energy use, and so on.   Alameda County is one of the Jurisdictions requiring through its Green Building Ordinance to have a “Green Point Rated Checklist – Single Family” printed on Plans and listing the items that will be met to achieve the minimum 50 point rating.

It is probably best for the Owner to work with the Certified Green Point Rater to prepare the Check List.  These consultants do it all the time and have an experience to guide you through the design so you can meet required goals or even exceed them.    The County officers than will certify and verify information included in the Checklist.

In some jurisdictions you may need a full fledged Green Point Rated and certified by Green Point Rater information.

I thought you may find that valuable and time saving hint.